Below are some comments/impressions from our respected participants.

Avi Resch, sport director of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel

The 27th EUROFEST tournament was our fourth consecutive time to participate in this great tournament with our young teams. So why we decided to become a regular participants in the EUROFEST tournament? Let's start with the lovely and so inviting city of Koper, with a nice beach, beautiful streets and alleys, cafes and restaurants all within a short and safe walk distance. We will continue with the great, colorful and fun festival that takes place during, before and after the games and competitions, which provide great pleasure for the young participants. The organization of the competition, the level of facilities, the pleasant and courteous service, all make the tournament an amazing experience for the young athletes, from the sport and competitive point of view as well as from social experience they're gaining. I can Highly recommend for any handball club in the world to participate in this wonderful tournament. We'll be there for sure for the fifth time, so see you in 28th EUROFEST handball festival.
Avi Resch sport director of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel

Imad Yacoubi, Chênois Genève Handball, Switzerland

"This is the first time we have participated in the Eurofest, we have already participated in other tournaments in recent years. The Eurofest is the best for us, it's a tournament very well organized. Excellent, just like the weather and the food. We met new friends and also other handbalistic cultures, We participated with 7 teams and we are already close to participate next season at the 28 Eurofest."
Imad Yacoubi Chênois Genève Handball, Switzerland

Iva Jonova, Handball Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic

We went to Koper for the seventh time. It is our favorite tournament, which has a great organization and runs in a beautiful seaside town. Every time someone new comes with us, he is excited about Koper, we all like it there. This year there were two categories from our club, younger and older pupils (years 2006 and 2005). Both did very well and took home their cups and medals. Older pupils won second place when they lost only the final match by one goal. Younger pupils earned bronze. The girls played the whole tournament in great mood, fighting and enjoying the game. It was great matches, beautiful spectacle in the super atmosphere of the seaside town. We are looking forward to next year.
Iva Jonova Handball Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic

Ernst Stangel,

"I think Eurofest is one of the best youth tournaments in Europe. Includes a great atmosphere to the sea, creating a very pleasant atmosphere and well-being. We like to come back in Izola, because both players and parents feel great in this place.There is enough matches, so there's plenty of time for swimming, boat trips and other adventures. Employees at the reception desk are very friendly and keen to please everyone desires. My personal reason for visiting Eurofest is a personal acquaintance and very well long-standing friendship with Tone Baric, the organizer of this festival. "
Ernst Stangel

Abas Arslanagič,

"I am not the first time on Eurofestu, because I have often led the team to this tournament. Festival of fact can not be just Eurofest, but it can safely be renamed in " World Fest ". It is an event attended by teams from virtually all over the world. Such an event talking about general socialization, learning about the teams on the pitch and off it. Regarding handball profession, regardless of the fact that teams are from different countries and schools they also play differently. players learn new styles of gameplay with different types of opponents , which are then formed into better players. Competition in such festivals is very important, especially for young players. "
Abas Arslanagič

Olga Čečkova, bivša igralka RK Krim in sedanja trenerka v istoimenskem klubu, Girl on right side

"Take note what Deja Doler said. I would like to add that I participated to Eurofest for the first time as a coach seven years ago. I only have good memories of this event. Important thing is that the experience is also off the pitch, which means getting to know other cultures, super organized evening theme programs like, karaoke, culinary event, etc. which is still interesting for girls and boys. Before Eurofest my team was in a tournament in Makarska in Croatia and I did not expect that the players would have enough power and decided to participate to Eurofest. I was surprised because the whole team came in Izola. Congratulations and thanks to the organizers and the entire team who work honestly. staff is very friendly and they answers to every question. "
Olga Čečkova, bivša igralka RK Krim in sedanja trenerka v istoimenskem klubu Girl on right side

Deja Doler, bivša igralka RK Krim in sedanja koordinatorka v istoimenskem klubu, Girl on the left side

"Eurofest I experienced at the time when I was an active player. Same events as an player, I did not ever attended, but I always knew that this was the best part of the season. After the competition part the youth teams join the party, the handball celebration. I am proud that we have in Slovenia Eurofest and so can our little seaside town visiting young people from all over the world. RK Krim comes to Eurofest the tenth consecutive year. Though we are invited to a number of tournaments, Izola always is in the forefront, because this is a great experience. Our youngest players are waiting to be old enough to participate in the Eurofestu and tend to return to Izola. Congratulations and compliments to the organizer Tone Bariču. "
Deja Doler, bivša igralka RK Krim in sedanja koordinatorka v istoimenskem klubu Girl on the left side

Samuel Brajnik, RD Nova Gorica,

"As a coach I am here for the first time and we are pleased with the team. The results are encouraging, as is the fact that guys do not socialize virtually, but in fact make new friends. Matches which are equivalent, but is dominated by the spirit of sport. Participation on Eurofest is a good experience for the boys, so I will we come again. "
Samuel Brajnik, RD Nova Gorica

Nina Savnik, ekipa Miške-Brežice,

"I am here for the fourth time on Eurofestu and I love coming back. We combine sea, handball and meet new people. We play more relaxed than in the championship, because there's no pressure. There is a good mood, so I will come °back for the fifth time. "
Nina Savnik, ekipa Miške-Brežice

Yme Bertels, Belgija,

"This is my first time on Eurofest, which is well organized tournament. The atmosphere is great so is the weather and food. Yesterday we met new friends. Here the handball is faster then in our country. We hope for the best. "
Yme Bertels, Belgija

Siniša Orlović, RK Trsat, Hrvaška,

"We came to Izola for ten consecutive years, since the tournament is well organized. Every year we are faced with the difficulty of different opponents and different styles of handball, which is good for the progress of our team. Otherwise, the Eurofest is on our annual trips, because our players like coming back to Izola. "
Siniša Orlović, RK Trsat, Hrvaška

Davor Varga, Čakovac, Hrvaška,

"I am here for the first time and for us this is the biggest tournament ever. The organization is good and the next year we'll continue with more teams. Among the opponents we have come across several quality teams, but otherwise it is a game of handball main purpose is to socialize with young athletes. "
Davor Varga, Čakovac, Hrvaška


"This year we came with 70 players. This is my second time and I really like it. For us the game is a bit more difficult because the opponents are mostly higher. Socializing with the other with our language is still hard. Otherwise, we are very pleased. "

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