You are invited to the 27th Eurofest, which will be from 2th to 7th July 2019. All teams are warned that we will limit the registration to 200 teams.

We are proud that this year's Eurofest has won the stitch. We hosted an exceptionally large number of participants, with 226 teams from 19 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Denmark, France, Croatia, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and Slovenia). Record attendance proves that the teams recognized the excellent conditions offered by Koper (sports halls and playgrounds, a central playground by the sea, accommodation capacities, etc.). The organization of such an extensive festival is very demanding, so the organizers decided that in addition to top-notch conditions, we will also retain the top level of organization. This will be achieved by limiting the number of teams participating in approximately 200 teams. Attention: the team that will sign up first, will have priority!


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