Participants in the 26th Eurofest

Club description of 26th Eurofest participants


Alingsas HK


Team Alingsas HK is located 40 km from Gothenburg, in Sweden. The team has 33 members, who are divided in 3 teams. 
3 years ago they started to collect money themselves for a tournament in Europe. They found Eurofest, for which they immediately felt that this is the right festival for them. 
Guys, we are sure that that was the best decision! 
In July they arrive with 50 family members. 
They will participate with 3 teams of boys born in 2004 and younger. 
We are looking forward to finally meeting you.



RHC Sokol Poruba Ostrava

We are glad to announce that RHC Sokol Poruba Ostrava will join us at the 26th Eurofest. RHC Sokol Poruba Ostrava is a sports club from Ostrava, Czech Republic with a long tradition. The club aims to encourage children and youth in sporting activities, the enjoyment of movement and healthy lifestyle. The club mainly trains females in all age categories. It is one of the most successful sports team in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Their high quality work with children and youth can be seen from the positive results that they achieve continuously. They have more than 100 athletes registered.

They will participate at the 26th Eurofest in the female categories 2005 and 2007.



- AP Markovia Marki

marcovia marki


Marcovia Marki is a female handball club from Poland that has only girls from 2001 to 2007 in their ranks. 

Their players can praise with a membership in the national team. 

The team will participate at the 26th Eurofest with girls born in 2001. 


 - HK Alingsas


RK Alingsas

We are happy to announce that HK Alingsas is participating at the 26th EUROFEST.

They will compete with 22 girls who all want to be the best in handball. In order to fulfil their dreams they train 7 hours per week. They all live in the beautiful little town Alingsas on the west coast of Sweden. To cover their traveling expanses to Slovenia these girls earn their money by engaging in various activities. 

They will participate with two teams of girls born in 2001.  

- A.S. Nes Ziona


We are glad to announce that A.S. Nes Ziona is participating at the 26th EUROFEST.

The team A.S. Nes Ziona is from Israel. Their coach is a player in the senior team and their team manager is Eli Junger. Many of their players also train in the Israeli national team.

At the 26th EUROFEST, they will participate with boys born in 2003. 


- HK Varberg





HK Varberg is also participating at the 26th EUROFEST.

They come from Varberg, a city close to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Twelve males from age 14 to 16 form the team and this is their second year participating in the Eurofest tournament.  

They will participate with a male team born in 2001.

- Sporting Neerpelt 

Sporting Nelo


We are thrilled to announce that Sporting Neerpelt from Belgium will join us for the fourth consecutive time.

Their moto is » It is the participation that counts and not the wins!«.

They will participate with boys born in 1998, 2001, 2003 and girls born in 1998 and 2001.


- HC BEK Podgorica

bek podgorica

The handball club HC BEK Pogorica comes from Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro.

The club HC BEK was formed in 2004 and from their early beginning, they started achieving great results at regional and international tournaments.

Three members of the 2002/3 category were invited to the pioneering team of Montenegro. They can praise with multitude cups and medals. 

HC BEK Podgorica will participate at the 26th Eurofest in the female category 2003 and younger who represent the greatest potential of the club.



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