Participants in the 27th Eurofest

The preparations for the 27th EUROFEST - European handball festival are at full speed. 



We are introducing to you some of the teams/clubs that already applied for the 27th EUROFEST:


RHC Sokol Poruba Ostrava

Sokol Poruba  Sokol Poruba

We are glad to announce that RHC Sokol Poruba Ostrava will join us at the 27thEurofest. RHC Sokol Poruba Ostrava is a sports club from Ostrava, Czech Republic with a long tradition. The club aims to encourage children and youth in sporting activities, the enjoyment of movement and healthy lifestyle. The club mainly trains females in all age categories. It is one of the most successful sports team in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Their high quality work with children and youth can be seen from the positive results that they achieve continuously. They have more than 100 athletes registered.

They will participate at the 27th Eurofest in the female categories 2004.


- Doubs selection 



We are glad to announce that Doubs selection is participang in the EUROFEST for the fifth consecutive time.

 In the 27th EUROFEST, they will participate in the following cathegories:

- boys born in 2005 and 2007

- girls born in 2005 and 2007


Rk Krško

 The handball club RK Krško is an active Slovenian handball club that exists more than 60 years. The club works with young people with a great dedication, which is shown by the positive results of the last few years. The younger players of this club have participated in the final four tournament several times and have won the title of national championship three times.




The Elita team participates in the international tournament Eurofest for five consecutive years. Elita has players mainly from Izola and Koper. Having fun and enjoying handball is in their first place. The players are all connected between each other and know themselves for a very long time so the team spirit is never missing. They are also grateful to their sponsors and coaches for all the help through the years. As they say »Above all: Elita«.


-Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi  2008 logo

Maccabi Tel Aviv Handball club has been active for more than 50 years and he's part of Maccabi Tel Aviv S.C the biggest club in Israel and well known all over the world. The Club offers handball competitive and non-competitive activities for children and youth, as well senior team, that is an inspiration and a horizon for young players. The club has over 250 active players in the youth section, spread all over the city of Tel Aviv.

The club will participate in the 2019 EUROFEST tournament for the 4thtime in 2 age categories: 2007 and 2008. The coaches of the teams:

o    2007 – Nikola Maksimovic (an expert in youth coaching)
o    2008 – Omer Davda (former Israeli NT captain)
Last year 2007 team has won the EUROFEST tournament and we're hoping to 
celebrate the winning trophy again this season.

At the 27th Eurofest, we will also host many new teams, such as:

-SPR Pogoń 1945 Zabrze

logoSPR Pogon

The team comes from Poland. 27th Eurofest will attend with the women's team in 2002.


-CS Chênois Geneve


This Swiss club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Over the years, the club has 
become one of the leading handball clubs in the French speaking part of Switzerland. 
Today it has 14 teams at all lower levels and 2 men's teams and 1 woman. At the 27th 
Eurofest will be presented with six teams: 
-boys: 1998, 2005, 2004 and 2x 2002 
-girls: 2002




Our club will celebrate 40th anniversary in 2019.
Present very early in national championship, we prepare the futur!
We will be present with boys 2004/2005.


HC Bruck will present on 27th Eurofest with two teams: girls 2006 and boys 2004. 
Women's Handball Team 2006 finished last season in 3rd place in Styria.This year, 
they are on the right track to become the champions of Styria and sell them to 
the Austrian Grand Prix in June this year. Their coach is Marina Neuhold.

-Handball School from St. Petersburg
Welcome by teams of Handball School from St. Petersburg - Russian seaport 
on the coast of the Baltic Sea which for two centuries has been served as 
the capital of the Russian Empire. The visiting card of the city - the white 
nights and drawbridges. Teams of the St. Petersburg Handball School are 
champions and prize-winners of national championship, children's league and 
the international tournaments. We will be glad to take part in 27thEurofest.


-Saint Petersburg
We are looking forward to know both Russian handball clubs. This club will be pepresented by girls 2006 on 27th Eurofest.
st Petersburg

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