Participants in the 24th Eurofest

The preparations for the 24th EUROFEST - European handball festival are progressing at full speed. Last year Koper as a host of the tournament has shined the brightest. The participants of the 23rd EUROFEST convince themselves about Koper's perfect conditions for organizing such international event: the best sports infrastructure, a big number of accommodation choices and the pleasant Mediterranian ambient. That's why we are sure there will be even more teams from all over the world participating in the 24th EUROFEST. Our belief is proved by the number of teams that are interested in the tournament and those that already applied.

We are introducing to you the teams/clubs that already applied for the 24th EUROFEST:


Doubs selection (FRANCE)



We are glad to announce that Doubs selection is participang in the EUROFEST for the third consecutive time.

 In the 24th EUROFEST, they will participate with the following selections:

- boys born in 2003 and 2004

- girls born in 2003 and 2004

The players between 11 and 14 years old practice with the Doubs selection. During that period they participate in various competitions in France. the girls became champions in the 2008/09 season while the boys placed third that same year.

On the 23rd EUROFEST they achieved the following results:

- girls born in 1998: 6th place

- girls born in 2003: 3rd place

- boys born in 1998: 3rd place

- boys born in 2003: 3rd place


UODL Tassin/Brindas (FRANCE)


UODL Tassin/Brindas handball club will participate in the 24th EUROFEST for the first time.

They will participate with the following teams:

- boys born on 1997, 1999, 2002, 2003

- girls born on 2002

UODL Tassin/Brindas has been formed in 1965.
It is the fifth oldest club in the Rhone - Alpes region. The club has 21 teams, men and woman, with players 5 years old and older. With 330 registered players they are in the top 10 biggest clubs in the region. They compete for the highest places in national and also international competitions. The club also has 4 players participating in the national junior team and either they play or have played for the national team as the two time world champions.



Uilenspiegel Wilrijk (BELGIUM)


This club is the biggest one in Belgium. It has over 300 members. In Belgium handball is still not very popular sport, but they are working very hard on to improve and become better each year.

 All members of the HV Uilenspiegel club work very hard on developing young players. They have more than 100 players that are 19 years old and younger.

 They have already participated three times in Eurofest and they liked the atmosphere of handball combined with the beauty of our country.

 In the 24th Eurofest the coaches: Roel Kiebooms, Wim Verberck, Koen Loier, Sofie Baudewijn, Bram Thoné and the coordinator of the trainers Giannoula Tsakitzidis will bring the following teams:

- boys: born in 2001 and 2002

- girls: born in 2001 and 2002





The last club that applied for the Eurofest are our »neighbours« from Sežana. Miloš Cotič will bring to the 24th Eurofest his team of boys born in 2002 for the club RK MITOL SEŽANA.



HvH Zandvliet (BELGIUM)


HvH Zandvliet is handball club from Antwerp – Belgium that was formed in 1965. It is primarily a youth club. The coaches try to educate their players to become the best players they can possibly be. They have participated in the Eurofest tournament 6 times already. They like to combine the tournament with teambuilding and vacation.


The teams of boys born in 1999 and 2002  will be coached by Roel Van Beeck - Axl Van Ginneken.



Stenungsunds HK (SWEDEN)



Stenungsunds Hk was formed in 1967. The club has a total of 18 teams that include kids 5 or 6 years old and also senior teams.

The club motto is: all players no matter the age should have FUN, show RESPECT and always stay POSITIVE.

This is the first time a team from Stenungsunds HK will join Eurofest. They will participate with the team of boys born in 2002.





The newest application form for the 24th EUROFEST comes from Czech Republic. The team Radlice Praha was formed only to play in the EUROFEST. The players are from different clubs from Prague. They hope to achive a noticable success on this year's 24th EUROFEST.




The newest application came from Belgium.

Sporting Neerpelt is a well-known name in the Belgian handball with around 250 members.
For many years, our youth teams are well represented at the national championships.

Last year our three girl teams participated in the 23th Eurofest tournament and had a very nice time in Koper.

This summer we will return with boys and girls teams to enjoy the games, the beautiful surroundings and the sun.

Participating teams on the 24th Eurofest tournament for Sp Neerpelt are: Boys U15, Boys U17, Boys U19, Girls U15, Girls U17.



Picture: 1997 and younger


Picture: 2001 and younger


We are really glad that RD Herz Šmartno will participate in the 24th Eurofest. They played their first league match in 1965. The fact that the club works really well with young players has been seen in 2002/03 season when their junior team placed 3rd and the year after they repeated the result. The club is formed by about 170 players. In the past year the results were shown in the younger categories where players showed a lot of determination and motivation for practice and competition.

Boys teams 1997 and 2001 will participate in the 24th Eurofest.


Rk Krško

Handball club Rk Krško is an active slovenian handball club existing more than 60 years. club is dedicated to work with young people as shown by the results of last few years. younger players of this club have participated in final four tournament several times and have won for three times the title of national championship. 

On 24th Eurofest they will participate with category: boys 2003.







 As the organizer of the largest youth handball tournament in Austria (from 1 to 4 September / ) The focus of the association is on young people . Club is represented by over 200 young players. Some of our players represent the youth team of Austria.


An Elite team participates in international tournament in Eurofestu 4th year. A team consisting mainly of players from Izola and Koper . The first two years boys were  4th, but in both cases very close to the 3rd,  which was achieved on 23 Eurofestu and that is how we got an additional motivation for the next contest, to climb even higher on the podium . On the first place is that we have fun and we enjoy in handball. Most of the players are friends and we know each other for many years, therefore, team spirit never misses. We are all grateful to our sponsors and coaches! Our moto is: ABOVE ALL, ELITA!


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